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Barrowlands 03 June 2011 T-Shirts

So what is your favourite TEXAS T-shirt? ours has to be the vintage style Southside logo, although we do think the one above is pretty cool too! On 03 June […]

Red Book Promo Singles

Over the course of promotion for Red Book in 2005 – 2006, two other promo singles were available alongside ‘Getaway’ & ‘Can’t resist’ as white label simple CDs in clear […]

Red Book Promo CD EP 2005

As well as the full CD promo, Mercury also created a 4 track EP from the then forthcoming album Red Book containing the tracks: 1. Getaway 2. Resist (‘Can’t resist’ […]

Red Book Promo CD Album 2005

Now we start to open up the archive after the current promo items are out the way! Jumping back to 2005 the promo for the Red Book album came out […]

The Conversation – Signed Promo Photo

Need another reason to buy the new album in vinyl or cd from the online official webstore over on each copy comes with a unique signed photo from the […]

The Conversation Promo Single

So after a bit of a wait I finally got my hands on the new promo single for TEXAS single ‘the conversation’ in preparation for the long awaited album.  This […]

TEXAS music, memorabilia and all the things we love…

Welcome to Texas Music UK.  A fan blog for all things Texas Memorabilia related!  The aim of this blog is to collate the official (and some not so official) amazing […]