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I’ll See It Through Promo CD

Stylish promo CD for the single I’ll See It Through from 2003 created for the French market. Taken from the Careful What You Wish For album it came complete with […]

Texas Programme Newmarket Nights 2006

Prior to the 2011 set of racecourse gigs, Texas also performed at the same set of venues in the UK in 2006 to promo the Red Book Album.  This racecard […]

Red Book Promo Postcard

This simple double sided promo postcard was produced for the single ‘Can’t Resist’ and ‘Red Book’ album promo.  Measuring 10.5 x 15cm it was full colour and included the code […]

Carnival Girl Promo CD

Another ‘Careful What You Wish For’ item today from the archives of 2003.  This great promo CD pack came in black & white photo print A5 cardboard wallet and contained […]

Carnival Girl Post It! Mini Disc

“Your Hit to Go!” That is what the CD label says.  This unusual mini disc was created as a promo for the German market in 2003.  With 2 tracks from […]

Guitar Picks

These Texas guitar picks really stand out from the crowd.  Created for the band members, they are a great memorabilia find and many lucky fans have been able to hold […]

The Conversation 4 Track Album Sampler

Thanks to a friend we recently came across this 4 Track album sampler for ‘The Conversation’. Released under exclusive license by [PIAS] in 2013 this promo CD sampler comes in […]

Greatest Hits Piano Vocal & Guitar

Following the success of TEXAS ‘The Greatest Hits’ which peaked at no.1 in the Uk charts in 2000, there were a number of variations of the album and promo items […]

Tired Of Being Alone

This TEXAS Acoustic EP is from a limited edition of 5000 created in 1992 and distributed following the release of the album ‘Mothers Heaven’ in 1991.  The Tired Of Being […]

Summer ‘Sun’ (Son)

Wow is summer finally here? We think it might be! and what better way to kick back in style than with a TEXAS beanie hat.  We were really glad when […]

That Telecaster

This is probably one of the coolest shots from the TEXAS early days of Sharleen with her iconic black and white Telecaster.  Inspired by Joe Strummer of the Clash, the […]

Texas Programme Newmarket Nights

Every now and then a gig happens at a weird and wonderful location.  In 2011 Texas played a series of UK gigs at local racecourses around the country where a […]

Greatest Hits Media Box Set

This is probably one of the most popular and sought after pieces of promo memorabilia associated with the band TEXAS. ‘The Greatest Hits’ media box set was produced for the […]

Red Book French Promo

As part of further promo for Red Book a French 2 track extract was distributed in the media pre-album launch.  Our copy is in a sealed cellophane cover with promo […]

Time For A Coffee

Anyone fancy a cuppa…? We certainly do when it is a TEXAS coffee mug.  Not entirely sure which era this mug is from, think possibly Red Book tour – or […]

Sleep CD Slipcase & The Weirdest Thing Ever!

Sometimes memorabilia can go a bit weird…  Take the ‘Sleep’ single for instance – nice slipcase, funny video and then the weirdest item of the collection for sure! Comedian Peter […]

Can’t Resist CD Slipcase

Last night we watched the Sound City documentary narrated by Dave Grohl & it made us remember why all this memorabilia is important no matter what the band.  Its a […]

Getaway CD slipcase 2005

Call us a sucker, but we love when there is an added extra available as part of the promo with a single release.  For the Red Book singles a limited […]