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Magazine Interview DeMorgen 19 June 2010

Its always cool when you come across a publication that has a TEXAS reference on the cover, admittedly its usually Sharleen, but its still very cool to see this Belgian publication […]

The Hush 1999 Concert Ticket Stub

Anyone else miss photo gig tickets…? Yes us too! We think it is a travesty that the likes of ‘ticket******’ have cornered the market and mass produce horrible faceless tickets […]

Racines Et Avenir – Roots & Future Image Collection Book 1999

We simply love this ‘Racines Et Avenir’ TEXAS poster book which was created in 1999.  With the most amazing collection of imagery and biography of the band and members, it […]

Carnival Girl Weekly Show Reel 36/03 Date: 15 September 2003

Super unique DVD featuring the video from Carnival Girl on a Universal Music International Weekly showreel promo pack from 15 September 2003. We love that TEXAS are featured on the […]

When We Are In Glasgow CD

A fine collection of live TEXAS recordings created under the pressing name of ‘Roach Records’ we don’t know much about these guys or how bootleggy this CD is? but we […]

Say What You Want The Collection

This recent CD deserves a place in the TEXAS collection as it was a welcome boost to bridge the void between albums.  We have logged in Red Book because it […]

The Big One Studio & Live 1999 CD Germany

1999 CD from Germany with a pressing label of GEMA.  This was a great selection of studio & Live tracks from the classic no.1 album The Hush.  Rare to come by […]

Black Eyed Boy Radio CD

Following the huge success and number 1 airplay hits with ‘Say What You Want’ and ‘Halo‘, TEXAS released ‘Black Eyed Boy‘ as third single from ‘White On Blonde‘ in 1997. […]

Lone Star CD France 1999

This is probably one of our favourite Live CDs (bootleg? it all seems a bit too polished & familiar 😉 ) but a great French CD with tracks from French […]

Extracts From Mothers Heaven Promo Set

Lovely A3 promo set from 1991 which included a CD with extracts from the forthcoming album Mothers Heaven and tape cassette version (yes we really are that old!) all presented […]

Drinks Token Ciney Festival Belgium 2013

We were in Belgium on Saturday 31st August for the annual Ciney Festival to see TEXAS perform as the headline act after their amazing evening in the Swiss village of […]