Can’t Resist CD Slipcase

Can't Resist Slipcase

Last night we watched the Sound City documentary narrated by Dave Grohl & it made us remember why all this memorabilia is important no matter what the band.  Its a bit of history and each item has some memory attached, whether it is just a wristband from a festival or a piece of merchandise, it all has a different meaning to each of us.  Undertaking this blog, is bringing back a lot of memories of great times spent with friends, some hilarious, some tragic, but most of all its a journey and one that we are glad we got to be on!

Anyway back to the post!

The Collectors Edition ‘Can’t Resist’ slipcase was again produced as part of the ‘Red Book’ merchandise set to house 3 CD/DVD singles which included:

CD1: Featuring new B side ‘Say Hello’

CD2(Maxi CD): Featuring live versions of ‘I Don’t want a lover’ & ‘Say what you want’ recorded at Tower Bridge London + a remix of ‘Can’t resist’ by Dead Guys UK

DVD: With ‘Can’t resist’ video, exclusive B side ‘Call on you’ + interview footage & video snippets from the Abbey road acoustic session.

Made from glossy monochromatic printed card it had a track listing to the rear and minimalist design.

p.s – if you are looking for any info on actual studio albums & singles head over to where Dirk has brilliantly collated the perfect Discography!

This blog will only ever feature a collection of promo/unusual merchandise items…

Can't Resist Slipcase Rear

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