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Carnival Girl Weekly Show Reel 36/03 Date: 15 September 2003

Super unique DVD featuring the video from Carnival Girl on a Universal Music International Weekly showreel promo pack from 15 September 2003. We love that TEXAS are featured on the […]

Careful What You Wish For Fortune Cookies

I’ll be honest…I’ve no idea why these arrived on the scene, other than a nice hook for the promo of the new album in 2003.  Housed in a funky red […]

I’ll See It Through Promo CD

Stylish promo CD for the single I’ll See It Through from 2003 created for the French market. Taken from the Careful What You Wish For album it came complete with […]

Carnival Girl Promo CD

Another ‘Careful What You Wish For’ item today from the archives of 2003.  This great promo CD pack came in black & white photo print A5 cardboard wallet and contained […]

Carnival Girl Post It! Mini Disc

“Your Hit to Go!” That is what the CD label says.  This unusual mini disc was created as a promo for the German market in 2003.  With 2 tracks from […]