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Magazine Interview DeMorgen 19 June 2010

Its always cool when you come across a publication that has a TEXAS reference on the cover, admittedly its usually Sharleen, but its still very cool to see this Belgian publication […]

Say What You Want The Collection

This recent CD deserves a place in the TEXAS collection as it was a welcome boost to bridge the void between albums.  We have logged in Red Book because it […]

Red Book French Promo USB

As part of the French Promotion for Red Book in 2005, this customized USB key featured the familiar star font TEXAS logo and branding for the album launch.  It came complete […]

Cornbury Festival 2006 Wall Banner

Sometimes things just happen that make you smile!….This banner is one of the MASSIVE on site adverts that were at Cornbury Festival in July 2006 lining the fence when TEXAS performed […]

Texas Programme Newmarket Nights 2006

Prior to the 2011 set of racecourse gigs, Texas also performed at the same set of venues in the UK in 2006 to promo the Red Book Album.  This racecard […]

Red Book Promo Postcard

This simple double sided promo postcard was produced for the single ‘Can’t Resist’ and ‘Red Book’ album promo.  Measuring 10.5 x 15cm it was full colour and included the code […]

Texas Programme Newmarket Nights

Every now and then a gig happens at a weird and wonderful location.  In 2011 Texas played a series of UK gigs at local racecourses around the country where a […]

Red Book French Promo

As part of further promo for Red Book a French 2 track extract was distributed in the media pre-album launch.  Our copy is in a sealed cellophane cover with promo […]

Sleep CD Slipcase & The Weirdest Thing Ever!

Sometimes memorabilia can go a bit weird…  Take the ‘Sleep’ single for instance – nice slipcase, funny video and then the weirdest item of the collection for sure! Comedian Peter […]

Can’t Resist CD Slipcase

Last night we watched the Sound City documentary narrated by Dave Grohl & it made us remember why all this memorabilia is important no matter what the band.  Its a […]

Getaway CD slipcase 2005

Call us a sucker, but we love when there is an added extra available as part of the promo with a single release.  For the Red Book singles a limited […]

Barrowlands 03 June 2011 T-Shirts

So what is your favourite TEXAS T-shirt? ours has to be the vintage style Southside logo, although we do think the one above is pretty cool too! On 03 June […]

Red Book Promo Singles

Over the course of promotion for Red Book in 2005 – 2006, two other promo singles were available alongside ‘Getaway’ & ‘Can’t resist’ as white label simple CDs in clear […]

Red Book Promo CD EP 2005

As well as the full CD promo, Mercury also created a 4 track EP from the then forthcoming album Red Book containing the tracks: 1. Getaway 2. Resist (‘Can’t resist’ […]

Red Book Promo CD Album 2005

Now we start to open up the archive after the current promo items are out the way! Jumping back to 2005 the promo for the Red Book album came out […]