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Back In Time…When We Are Together Promo CD

So….TEXAS have been around for a while….yes? and that means an abundance of Merch & promos from across the years. The purpose of this blog is to try to catalogue those […]

Once In Our Lifetime – Spanish Promo 1998

Winter is here so we thought we would brighten things up with a summery sunshine promo of the past.  It isn’t Summer Son, but the Spanish version of the 1 […]

The Hush 1999 Concert Ticket Stub

Anyone else miss photo gig tickets…? Yes us too! We think it is a travesty that the likes of ‘ticket******’ have cornered the market and mass produce horrible faceless tickets […]

When We Are In Glasgow CD

A fine collection of live TEXAS recordings created under the pressing name of ‘Roach Records’ we don’t know much about these guys or how bootleggy this CD is? but we […]

The Big One Studio & Live 1999 CD Germany

1999 CD from Germany with a pressing label of GEMA.  This was a great selection of studio & Live tracks from the classic no.1 album The Hush.  Rare to come by […]

Lone Star CD France 1999

This is probably one of our favourite Live CDs (bootleg? it all seems a bit too polished & familiar 😉 ) but a great French CD with tracks from French […]

The Hush UK Promo CD

The Hush UK Promo cd is from 1999 and heralded the era of slick smooth TEXAS.  A 12 track sampler, it was produced in a black glossy card sleeve with […]

Texas Chord Songbook

Published in 1999 by IMP (International Music Publications) the TEXAS chord songbook showcased 16 songs with complete lyrics, guitar chord boxes etc.  A nice addition to the memorabilia collection and […]

The Hush Promo CD Photo Set

Another sought after piece of TEXAS promo memorabilia is The Hush CD Promo Photo set. With high gloss photo cards, sky blue coloured promo CD album + biography this super […]

The Hush Promo Aromatherapy Kit

In 1999 TEXAS released The Hush which debuted at no.1 in the UK and went on to remain in the album charts for a total of 43 weeks.  This promo item […]

Summer ‘Sun’ (Son)

Wow is summer finally here? We think it might be! and what better way to kick back in style than with a TEXAS beanie hat.  We were really glad when […]