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Texas white on blonde telecard

White On Blonde Belgian Telecard 1998

A blast from the past, 1998 and the White On Blonde Era.  A dear friend passed the details on this one over for us to add to the archives of […]

Racines Et Avenir – Roots & Future Image Collection Book 1999

We simply love this ‘Racines Et Avenir’ TEXAS poster book which was created in 1999.  With the most amazing collection of imagery and biography of the band and members, it […]

Black Eyed Boy Radio CD

Following the huge success and number 1 airplay hits with ‘Say What You Want’ and ‘Halo‘, TEXAS released ‘Black Eyed Boy‘ as third single from ‘White On Blonde‘ in 1997. […]

White On Blonde Advance CD

The White On Blonde advance cd was produced by Mercury in 1996 ahead of the album release in 1997.  It was a simple promo in open white card sleeve with […]

White On Blonde Interactive Songbook CD Rom

This interactive CD-Rom songbook package was produced in the year 2000 by Universal music and was said to allow you to learn step by step how to play all the […]

White On Blonde Chord Book

In 1997 White On Blonde went to No. 1 in the Uk music charts before going on to sell in excess of 1.8 million copies.  It included fabulous hit singles […]

Black Eyed Boy French Promo Marketing Card

Unusual gate fold French Promo & marketing card for Black Eyed Boy & White On Blonde. Listed inside were marketing dates for TV, radio & press as well as competition […]

Studio Slides & Road Nights

I’m sure that someone somewhere knows the history of the Studio Slides & Road Nights albums, but I have heard so many urban myths, that I’m not exactly sure who […]

Melody Maker 1998

This is one of our favourites! In 1998 TEXAS were due to play the main stage at V festival in the UK, and Melody Maker Magazine put them on the front […]