Cornbury Festival 2006 Wall Banner

Cornbury Festival BannerSometimes things just happen that make you smile!….This banner is one of the MASSIVE on site adverts that were at Cornbury Festival in July 2006 lining the fence when TEXAS performed on the same day as the Pretenders (respect!) It is at least a couple of metres long and was adopted by some fans on the road home (ahem!) We were reminded of it today by one of our good friends who sent a photo over when they re-discovered it.

Cornbury is a brilliant festival which we would recommend, no matter who is playing, but we do hope that TEXAS the band will play there again soon as its been a couple of years since their last appearance (maybe next year? who knows).

Probably not a really interesting piece of memorabilia for most, but for those who were there it brings back memories of good times! 🙂

Cornbury Festival Banner Feature


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