Greatest Hits Piano Vocal & Guitar

Greatest Hits SongbookFollowing the success of TEXAS ‘The Greatest Hits’ which peaked at no.1 in the Uk charts in 2000, there were a number of variations of the album and promo items available both in the UK and internationally. ¬†One of the official items included the Piano, vocal and guitar songbook with a selection of colour photos and band interviews, it was a great addition in 2001 even for the less musically gifted of us, and probably the moment that most people realized there was a good reason the f chord…was called the… F chord! @$*!”

These great A4 songbooks can still be found in good record stores and of course online.

The sheet music included the following tunes:

I Don’t Want A Lover

In Demand

Say What You Want

Summer Son

Inner Smile

So In Love With You

Black Eyed Boy

So Called Friend

Everyday Now

In Our Lifetime


Guitar Song

Prayer For You

When We Are Together


Tired Of Being Alone

Put Your Arms Around Me

Greatest Hits Song Book Front

Greatest Hits Songbook Back


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