Jump On Board 10 Track Promo CD 2017

Promo CD no.2 for the new album Jump On Board and the set is complete!

Remember to buy the official album head over to Texas.uk.com where it is available in all sorts of shiny new formats! There is also a cool video with a brief synopsis of each track and how it evolved/was influenced.

But for our log to categorise this promo album and add it to the list of alternative items here is a brief overview of what it is about.

Housed in a yellow card sleeve each CD hasĀ a security seal to ensure it hasn’t beenĀ tampered with and is individually catalogued with a unique ID number to the rear.

Used in the run up to the album launch it contains all 10 tracks from the new album:

  1. Lets Work It Out
  2. Can’t Control
  3. For Everything
  4. It Was Up To You
  5. Tell That Girl
  6. Sending A Message
  7. Great Romances
  8. Won’t Let You Down
  9. Midnight
  10. Round The World

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