Jump On Board 6 Track Promo CD 2017

texas 6 track promo

So… promo CDs are always interesting.

For the TEXAS 2017 release of Jump On Board, there appears to be 2 versions, this is the 6 track version which we are presuming is the predecessor the full album promo version which is also doing the rounds.

With a red printed CD housed in a red card sleeve and produced by BMG for promo use it contains the following tracks:

  1. Let’s Work It Out
  2. Tell That Girl
  3. Midnight
  4. For Everything
  5. It Was Up To You
  6. Can’t Control

We haven’t had a chance to listen properly to see if any development from this to the actual album release (sometimes there is a small arrangement change etc) but nothing jumps out as being majorly different so far.

p.s. remember if you haven’t bought the new official album yet, head over to Texas.uk.com or itunes to buy!

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