Jump On Board – Cassette

Smile…go on, just smile! This what this item will make you do, part of the official album release you can pick up a signed TEXAS tape cassette over at the official TEXAS site . We were sceptical at first as to the practicality, but we love it! its just a joyous thing, transporting us back to teenage days of Sony walkmans, its the absolute business – so if your feeling retro this weekend, go pick a copy up…and a new walkman as well for old times sake 🙂

We feel refreshed, We definitely had a great time making this record. It’s time to jig it all up. It’s like a new beginning. This is the next part of our story, and we’re loving it.” – Sharleen Spiteri 2017

Track Listing:

1. Let’s Work It Out
2. Can’t Control
3. For Everything
4. It Was Up To You
5. Tell That Girl
6. Sending A Message
7. Great Romances
8. Won’t Let You Down
9. Midnight
10. Round The World

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