Lone Star CD France 1999

TEXAS Lonestar CDThis is probably one of our favourite Live CDs (bootleg? it all seems a bit too polished & familiar 😉 ) but a great French CD with tracks from French Radio Sessions on the 18th Dec 1999, Acoustic session in November 1999 and Glasgow May 1999.  No one (that I know of) takes credit for producing this CD, but it is one of the best collections of late 90’s live tracks from our favourite band, track listing:

1. In our lifetime

2. Halo

3. Tell me the answer

4. When we are together

5. I so called friend (spot the typo on the cover)

6. Move in

7. I don’t want a lover

8. Black eyed boy

9. Summer son

10. Every day

11. Say what you want

12. Summer son (unplugged version)

13. Tell me the answer (unplugged)

14. The hush (unplugged)

15. Put your arms around me (unplugged)

16. Take me with you (unplugged)


Tracks 1-11 French radio session 18/12/99

Tracks 12-13 Acoustic session November 1999

Tracks 14-16 Glasgow May 1999

Lone Star CD CoverLone Star CD inner

Lone Star CD Back Cover

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