Tell That Girl – CD promo 2017

2nd promo single from the new album ‘Jump On Board‘ which we have luckily got our hands on…!

Colour photo sleeve with white printed CD consisting of 1 track ‘Tell That Girl‘ written by Sharleen Spiteri, Karen Overton & Johnny McElhone, as we said previously it has a distinct Blondie vibe……..but what we REALLY love about this promo is that it has a slightly different vocal arrangement to the album version of this song (we like different stuff, we are slightly sad that way – the little nuances that make things unique are a delight) this 1 track sampler has a very distinct backing vocal (the same as the video promo that was released) we are guessing this is either a) a lot of work on Shar’s part to create a separate harmony (but we still feel its a different voice as it does appear on a couple of other album tracks) or b) is it the voice of Angelica Bjornsson who co-wrote some of the tracks? or c) lauren Spiteri…? (would need this verified) but whatever, the contribution on this creates a beautiful ABBA-esque layer to the main vocal and very happy to have heard it!


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