The Hush 1999 Concert Ticket Stub

The Hush Ticket StubAnyone else miss photo gig tickets…? Yes us too! We think it is a travesty that the likes of ‘ticket******’ have cornered the market and mass produce horrible faceless tickets which are probably the most boring things we have ever seen (yawn)!

We long for the days of vinyl and when gig tickets actually had some collectible value and you didn’t mind paying a bit extra to have something you could keep as keepsake…like this fabby Hush tour ticket stub from November 1999.  Many thanks to Bene for this one! 

…But all is not lost, we have tracked down 1 venue which is definitely creating an option of a photo ticket for this years upcoming European tour….which we will reveal shortly, in the meantime check out or for info on all dates!

The Hush Ticket Stub 1999

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