Ticket Stub, Munich Germany Nov 2013

munich_ticket_stub_nov_13Well its been a busy month of hectic travel and gig attendance in Europe and the UK (hence the lack of keeping up with posts let alone sleep!) If you haven’t seen TEXAS the band out on tour yet…then they are currently touring the UK and we say get out there now, its a great show!

We had eluded previously to a photo ticket being available for one of the European dates and that was Munich on the 2nd Of November…Possibly our favourite night of the tour so far with an amazing crowd going wild and an unusual venue of the Circus Krone which was a giant round house brick-walled circus top!

I’m afraid my own ticket suffered at the hands of the doorman on the way in who decided it would look much better with a big rip through the middle of it, but what are TEXAS friends for, if not sharing and we have this great image from our good friend Marilyne K.

On a separate note the merchandise for the Conversation tour is phenomenal and there is something for everyone…so take some cash when you hit the venue and you will not be disappointed, we are talking key-rings, mugs, hoodie tops, the usual t-shirts, vinyl and even a baseball jacket! A great selection…

Enjoy this month guys!


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