When We Are In Glasgow CD

TEXAS When We Are In GlasgowA fine collection of live TEXAS recordings created under the pressing name of ‘Roach Records’ we don’t know much about these guys or how bootleggy this CD is? but we have a vague recollection that there is an Australian Connection – ¬†however the CD does say manufactured in the UK (so who knows?).

Back cover also references www.texasuk.com & www.amnesty.org.uk and is a great selection of recordings from 1999 of a combination of the Barrowlands Glasgow & BBC London.

Tracks 1 – 15: Recorded at the Barrowlands in Glasgow 30th May 1999

Tracks 17 (think they mean 16): Recorded at the BBC, London 22nd Nov 1999


1. Intro

2. In Our Lifetime

3. Halo

4. Tell Me The Answer

5. The Hush

6. Put Your Arms Around Me (although it has a typo of ‘Arns’)

7. Take Me With U

8. I Don’t Want A Lover

9. Summer Son

10. Black Eyed Boy

11. Say What You Want

12. Day After Day

13. Postcard

14. When We Are Together

15. Insane

16. When We Are Together (Acoustic)


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