Why Believe In You 1991

Texas Why Believe In You & Inch Vinyl Single

OK finally given in & I’m just going to start adding the official releases as well as they are still technically memorabilia at the end of the day & there are some cool variables in there such as foreign versions, limited editions etc.

SO…first up released on 26th August 1991 ‘Why Believe In You‘ from the second album Mothers Heaven. I actually really love this tune, it might not have done great commercially, but I think its ace and has a pretty cool video as well which you can find on the MTV website.

Also a live performance

Credit to davewtexas on you tube and if you haven’t checked out his channel you should as some other absolute TEXAS gems on there https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKd1c86cJi3NVOpTOR8NbHg

I digress…back to the actual single.

The UK version was available in both a 7″ & 12″ as well cassette.

There were a number of versions produced for the UK & international market.

UK 7″ single:

Why Believe In You – Produced by Tim Palmer, Engineer George Shilling

B side: How It Feels – Produced by Texas, Engineer Kenny Paterson (you can read a really cool little interview with Kenny over at pennyblackmusic.co.uk which talks about Park Lane Recording Studios and & if you don’t own a copy of the park lane archives compilation go buy it as it contains a demo version of I Don’t Want A Lover and it is great listening to all the little nuances of a tune which evolve from an initial laydown of a track to the finished article which hits the stores (I’m a detail geek apologies – but I don’t care – its the tiny little differences which make things special)

Photography on this one was by the Douglas Brothers who were at peak of their photographic game in the 1990s before moving away from photos into movies in 1996 and their work was left in a warehouse in King’s Cross for 20 years before being rediscovered, so we have a feeling there will be some extra TEXAS images from this shoot which have never seen the light of day.

why believe in you uk single 1991

12″ UK & Europe – B side included both How It Feels & Hold Me Lord

there was also the following available:

  • 12″ Maxi Vinyl Single – Spanish version
  • Cassette Single – UK
  • CD Single – US
  • Mini CD Single – Japan (still trying to find one of these!)

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